1999 USA Trip Family Photos of Clyde A. Warden

In the summer of 1999, we all took a trip back to the USA after not being back in many years. Alissia had never been to the States, Anastasia, Antony, and I had not been back in three years, and my nephew, Johny, who had never been out of Taiwan, also accompanied us. These are some photos from that trip.

Family Shots

This is the extended family on my Mom's side. We all got together for the Baptism of my sister's youngest son, Zach.

Here I am with my father and step momother.

This is Zach's baptism (a concept that I am at a loss to explain to people in Taiwan).

Judy & I at the lawn party after the baptism (well done Sandra!).


A boating trip on a lake near my sister's home.

Here we all are with with my stepmom and aunt playing duck pins (a special form of bowling).

Alissia having some fun at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.


Nicholas takes after his Grandma, keeping the place clean and safe for human existance.

Since Americans don't use their spare time to work, they like to play games.
Here I am with my stepfather and brother-in-law playing trivia pursuit.

The house cat.


Here Mom enthralls everyone with a story (Asissia & Johny don't understand a word of English).


Here is the gang, with my uncle Lamar, on a trip to an old Civil War prison.


A trip to the mall (this really counts as a trip in the U.S.). On the right is my Mom who works for CD at Macys.

My stepmother and I in Washington DC.