2001 USA Trip Family Photos of Clyde A. Warden

In the summer of 2001, we I and my three children took a trip back to the USA after not being back in two years. These are some photos from that trip.

At the Beach

Going to the beach during our week-long stay in Lewes, the first town in America (live shot).

Local people call the beach the "shore," and Delaware has lots of it.

Small Towns

A parade in Betterton Maryland (an important part of small-town life).

Visiting the log cabin where my Mother stayed with her grandparents when a child.

A small church (this area of America is mostly Methodist) in the town.

The river down the road from the cabin.

At Home

All the kids, including my nephews.

Dad's workshop. Americans often have a place to do handiwork.

Dad and me putting down some Chinese whiskey (I think the stuff was radioactive).