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QBL STUDENT VERSION: provides students with software that helps them learn how to create perfectly formatted business letters as well as giving on-line help for English grammar and mechanical questions.

QBL TOOLS: is an automated computer system for finding the English errors in students' homework assignments. This software is used by an instructor to save time in finding small common errors such as spelling, grammar, etc. Read page two for more details on the QBL SYSTEM.

I have been using the QBL System for the past eight years, and each year the reaction from my students is the same. So many students are shocked that in a short letter they have twenty or more spelling and grammar mistakes. Suddenly they realize how unprofessional their business letters look. For myself, the QBL System allows me to assign many more letters for homework, while reducing my workload. QBL TOOLS also gives me the chance to track my students' progress and know where they need more practice. Best of all, the new Web edition (starting in 2002) allows students and teachers to access their work from any location with an Internet connection. Students work is saved on the QBL server, and never lost or "eaten by the dog." This new approach is really convenient.

The real beauty of the QBL System is that it allows the instructor to do what he/she likes, grading for general content, for example. QBL only takes over the tedious job of finding the small objective errors that if overlooked, leave bad habits and make bad impressions. When students realize that these small errors will reduce their scores, they quickly develop good writing habits, such as proofreading.

If the benefits of the QBL System interest you, but you are afraid of the computer skills needed for such a system, DO NOT WORRY. Check out the QBL online Video (under production now). You can see that QBL is user friendly software that requires no special knowledge.

If you would like to know more, I can arrange a demonstration of the process at your convenience.

The best feature of the QBL System is that it requires no special equipment or big budget. Any Microsoft Windows computer with access to the Web will do the job for both students and teachers.